I started my portrait journey five years ago, determined to give my friends and classmates the portraits they deserved in high school. It only continued there, reaching to families, couples and eventually weddings. Authenticity and being straightforward with no BS is a top priority for me in taking unique and exceptional portraits. 

I am a full time network administrator, and enjoy photography on the side. I'm a huge nerd about lots of things. I love to watch movies, visit new places, cosplay, and play games with my friends as well.

My philosophy. 

My core beliefs include working hard and being transparent with you during the whole process. the key component to authenticity in great images is trust and comfort on both sides of the camera. that’s where I believe I really shine. Weather it’s cracking jokes, or making a fool of myself behind the camera, you can guarantee a fun and respectful time during a portrait session. 

Freezing moments so you can look back at yourself or your loved ones are memories to cherish, and I want to help you achieve that.


Josh & Tiyanu He

Maggie provided us an excellent experience while taking our engagement and wedding photos. Her artistic style and attention to detail yielded amazing results!

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